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We bring your mountains of paper into the digital age.

We can scan your building plans, specifications, historical documents, invoices, delivery notes, and any other documents you may have. This saves space and makes finding specific information extremely fast.
Your scanned documents are stored in a sensible folder structure. If needed, we can also capture and index the text on your documents so that it can be organized according to keywords, categories, and indexes. That means you can access the document and its contents with just a few clicks!

digitize your reports files receipts historical documents invoices

Scan All Your Documents

Old and new documents 1

Old and new documents

Mixed formats from DIA to DIN A3 and larger

Mixed formats from receipt-size to E-size

Reports photos and texts

Reports, photos and texts

Bound and sealed documents

Bound and sealed documents

Individual plans and entire files

Individual documents and entire files

Invoices and delivery notes Wide Scan Documents

Invoices and delivery notes

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Delivery collection


Quality Wide Format Scanning
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